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What to do if you Forget Your Password

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Remember: Passwords are UPPER/LOWER CASE Sensitive!

The biggest mistake folks make is to confuse O (oh) and 0 (zero) in a password, also upper and lower case letters. If you have forgotten your user name or password, DO NOT try to register again. The system will only allow one user name per email address. Click the link below to get the server to send you your user name and a new password:

The system will then send you an email with a link to click back on to prove that you are the registered user on that email address and that it is really you that wants a new password. Once you click back the confirmation link, the system will send you a new numeric password. You can then change that password to one that you want on (UserCP) (Settings) your user control panel.

AOL Users: Note that AOL makes it very difficult to click on a link in an email. You will have to manually copy and paste the link into your web browser.


( If you haven't Registered and need help doing so, click this link: https://www.smokstak.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18492 )

If you have registered with an invalid email address, go to your user control panel and change your email address. Of course, if you can't log in, you cannot change your email address. Write me and tell me your OLD EMAIL ADDRESS so I'll know the account is really yours. I deal with 75,000 accounts here and I need all the help I can get. :crazy:

If you use a spam filtering service that sends us email and asks us to prove who we say we are before you can get our mail, either change your email service or be sure that our email can get through to you without being filtered. (Earthlink: take notice!)

NOTICE: If you have used &, #, ! or % in your password, you may not be able to log in on the classifieds. Change your password to one with letters and numbers only.

Invalid email addresses result in deleted accounts. My mailbox is stuffed with bounced email from people entering misspelled addresses or otherwise having broken email systems. I have no choice but to delete those accounts because there is no way that I can contact the user through a defective address.

Notice: I no longer accept registration through the following email providers due to their heavy incidence of fraud and spam... fastermail.com graffiti.net doramail.com outgun.com and viperspace.com. Yahoo.com, Gmail.com and Hotmail.com are on my shortlist, but many of you, including myself have accounts with them. Time will tell.

One final note. In a way, I apologize for all the password stuff and automation and in a way, I don't. The world of the internet has changed in the past ten years and don't you think for one minute that there isn't someone out there that wouldn't just love to get at your passwords or otherwise break into our server. I spend a lot of time trying to keep out the fraud, spam, and other illegitimate crap. You can help by spending a few minutes coping with the registration system.

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