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Where are you located?

where are you at??

  • west of the rockies (us) also alaska, hawii

    Votes: 188 11.4%
  • rockies to the mississippi river (us)

    Votes: 316 19.1%
  • east of the mississippi river (us)

    Votes: 844 51.0%
  • canada

    Votes: 138 8.3%
  • australia

    Votes: 73 4.4%
  • mexico

    Votes: 7 0.4%
  • any where else

    Votes: 90 5.4%

  • Total voters

Mitch Malcolm

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About 80 miles SSW of the start of the Mississippi , West central Minnesota 50 miles East of WMSTR. :)


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Northwestern Wisconsin(USA) on the south shore of Lake Superior. I've owned a 6.0 NH drawer & a 6.3 NHE for 14 years. The NHE has been making fun of me since I acquired in in a ebay accidental purchase. I couldn't make myself scrap it because I had way too much $$ in it. With the help of this site and you great folks, I have it running on natural gas and making electricity.
The drawer model is in a Travco motorhome stored a hundred miles from here and is inconvenient to tinker with. It hasn't been run since before I bought the motorhome in 2004.
I picked up two 6.5NH gensets of the same Spec.(D) for very little $$. I'm working on getting them running on natural gas and wish to use them for my home/shop power backup.

I understand that I have the Green Disease. Four Onans and a Colman screamer.
I also have The Orange Disease(Case/Ingersoll Garden tractors). Two Kohler powered and two Onan powered.


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Re: where are you?

I just realized I did not answer the poll questions.
I am East of the Mississippi, in Rockford IL.


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I live Just west off Yuma AZ ...I if Look 2 miles north I can see California If I look 2 Miles west I can see Mexico
If congress would get off there ASS and OK the wall 32 feet high I could have afternoon shade can not wait it has been Hot Buster


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Small town in South West Maine... Turner is its name. :salute:
I have a small case of Green disease, 2 JBs 1 4CCK, 1 5CCK and 1 5BGA.
I hear tell once you get infected you can't be 100% cured!