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Where are you located?

where are you at??

  • west of the rockies (us) also alaska, hawii

    Votes: 188 11.4%
  • rockies to the mississippi river (us)

    Votes: 314 19.0%
  • east of the mississippi river (us)

    Votes: 843 51.0%
  • canada

    Votes: 138 8.3%
  • australia

    Votes: 73 4.4%
  • mexico

    Votes: 7 0.4%
  • any where else

    Votes: 90 5.4%

  • Total voters

William Terry

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St. Louis Mo. I Clicked On The wrong Local , I believe. just Starting out tinkering with old engines. Will Need a lot of advice, especially on locating parts. Redid Two Stover engines a while bact. I believe they were both CT-2 types, 1@1/2 HP. anyway I sold Them. Now working on John Deere LUC Engine. Will need a lot of help. WRT


Eastern NC, The Original Washington, on the Pamlico River, early 1900s 16' fantail launch and 1 cyl, 2 str, Gray engine to restore for her. R



Ashton here. Currently living in the Boston area. Retirement looms and I'm planning on moving to the beautiful state of confusion, I mean Maine!
I'm researching an old family company, The Ashton Valve Company, and I'm hoping a few members on this site might help me in my search for information.


:wave: we are in Missouri, an I want to give Alan a big :salute: of thanks an apericiate his help w/the manual. hope everyone has a great day thanks brenda


Hi all,
Colorado here and we are in the Rockies, probably more to the east side I reckon. so Rockies too the Mississippi

Dale Russell

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South East Kansas, Neodesha, Ks. 90 miles west of Joplin & 100 Miles North of Tulsa, Ok. Home of "NORMAN #1, First Commercial Oil Well west of the Mississippi River", Drilled in Nov. 28, 1892. It was the "Birthplace of the Mid- Continent Oil Field".


My name is Chuckalac and I like the old things like me I am 78 yrs old My welding machine is 1967 Lincolne with a F163 motor that I now am converting to duel fuel. My 8N tractor is 1949 and I just bought a cherry MA2 Petter 7,5 kw generator. I need to learn how to start that thing first then i will configure a remote start for it. Chuck


Oh I am in the upstate South Carolina near Dark Corners where they made the best likker ever. I made a few of the stills way back when Chuck:):):):O


I am trying to figure out where the most people are at on this site, and i dont want to view everyones profile and some dont say where they are at so I would like everyone to vote on this poll.
the options are west of the rockies (between the rockie mountians and the pacific ocean) between the rockies and the mississippi river, east of the mississippi (to the atlantic), canada, australia, mexico and anywhere else.
thank you for doing this and i will start, im west of the rockies
Hello everyone from Rockland Wisconsin, just South of Green Bay.


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I just moved back to Warwick Rhode Island and previously from the Green Bay WI area.


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Born and raised and retired in The LEFTIST Give away NATION of COMMIEFORNIA. Was a not so bad of a state 40 years ago. Wish I could move but the house is long paid for, my property taxes are low, (The ONLY thing LOW in this state for me) Married 42 years to a wonderful wife and our two Daughters and Husbands live in our same town. ONLY redeeming thing is that we are 225 miles from LA and 235 miles from San Francisco and 12 miles inland from the coast. My city is ATASCADERO which apparently in Spanish means "MUD HOLE"