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  • west of the rockies (us) also alaska, hawii

    Votes: 187 11.4%
  • rockies to the mississippi river (us)

    Votes: 311 18.9%
  • east of the mississippi river (us)

    Votes: 840 51.1%
  • canada

    Votes: 137 8.3%
  • australia

    Votes: 72 4.4%
  • mexico

    Votes: 7 0.4%
  • any where else

    Votes: 90 5.5%

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Central PA. Near the home of Little League Baseball
Hi rodeo 41. I used to ride bulls a little. You know Dave waltz? A good friend of mine. How are you interested in antique gas engines? I live near Mifflinburg. Best wishes


Hi, Yes I know of Dave Waltz. The waltz's have opened a new restaurant in town. Don't know if they are related. Also know Clair Waltz real well. I got into engines way back in the 70's. Was into the bull thing a long time ago also. Hung around with Max Liddic, his son in law now has bulls and horses in the rodeo circuit. I live near Salladasburg.


Townsville Queensland, 1,857km or 1,154 miles NNE of Jayvee, as the crow flies, and remember crows fly backward here down under to keep the dust out of their eyes!