Why do links jump?

B. K. Lahey

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Every second link I go to access jumps up the page. I get the cursor on the link, the cursor turns to a finger, I left click it and most times the link moves and I have to do it again, it's no big deal, I just wanna know why??:bonk:


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Re: Why do links jump??

It's usually the response time for what you see on your screen to be registered back at the server and come back to you.

What you are watching in real time isn't on your 'puter but at a remote server with a duplex connection link via your modem.



It really depends on Link Latency. (How long it takes for your Mouse Move, and Click, to make it to the Remote Server, rattle around there for a few milliseconds, and then return to you) Dialup will be much "jumpier" than DSL or Cable, and a SAT Based Link, can really be the PITS, if the ISP doesn't mitigate the High Latency inherent in that type service....