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Wilesco D24 Steam Engine - Front boiler cover plate WANTED


I am rebuilding this Wilesco D24 Steam Engine. I can source most parts from various online sources. BUT i cant find this boiler face plate anywhere. Hoping someone might have this for sale OR know where I could find it.

Also looking for some other parts as per photo of the D24 I am rebuilding.1584800988989.png I can source this steam gauge online but if someone has one please let me know.



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Thanks for your reply casertractor. Just checked. right now Stock on that site seems low with a focus on Jensen Steam Engines.
You might have to buy a whole new boiler and salvage parts from it or just use the whole new boiler as i dont see much in the way of parts that you need.Seems much more easy to do it that way but it is up to you


Thanks again. From what I see the piece I am looking for seems to be a cover which goes over the boiler itself. This cover has 3 pieces to it front, top and rear which appears to be chromed. The search goes on. do you know of a link where these three pieces are offered.