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William Stevenson Found


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I have to say that he's the lowest of the low.

Most folks I have met in this hobby would give me their shirt off their backs.

Hope he stays there for a long while.


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"County Charge - Parole To Inpatient Treatment Per Court Order"
So is this guy in the "slam" or is this another felon that the system paroled off with no time spent in jail?

Kevin Weis

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There are others in the "engine community" that have disturbing activities and have been incarcerated for same. Some we're even on this board I believe some years back. With the internet all you have to do is google the name and you would be surprised what will pop up. I'm glad 99.9% of the folks in this hobby aren't on this path. I'll leave it at that.


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check the 3rd link in the "similar threads chosen at random" section at the bottom of the page titled "OT- looking for bill stevenson PA"


He is noted in the engine community becase in the mid 90's his father was an engine collector. He traveled around with his father to various shows in Western Pa, West Va and Ohio etc,
Everything I write here is my own opinion or alleged conduct on Stevenson's part.
I knew his father fairly well and bought engines from him. He warned me about his son's activities. His father was a very good man and always treated me fairly. The house they lived in had a concrete block room in the basement with a steel plate for a door. It contained many oilers, magnetos, whistles etc. Guess why it was locked? They had a small well locked barn and the floor was covered with engines and at that time, more engines than I had ever seen. Part of the siding on the barn was removed from time to time and so were a few engines, eventually all of them.
This person has been in and out of jail since the 90's or before. He understands computers and the internet and probably learned more in prison than most of us will ever know. If you advertise you need a tractor or engine or parts of one thru a magazine or internet he will contact you and the rest is history. The people who do not use the internet are mostly at risk.

You would be surprised who bought and sold the alleged stolen parts and engines with full knowledge as to their origin. An accomplice of his came clean on this to Stevenson's father. They (the sellers) display at the biggest shows in this area as well as the midwest and Florida.
Another person on this site opined that some others in this hobby are of similar mind as Stevenson and he is correct.