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Windows 10 Unhappy Critique

Bud Tierney

Catching up on the decline of Western Civilization this AM found a rather pointed Windows 10 critique on wolfstreet.com (Eleven Ghastly Things etc)...
Apparently a reprint of comments from the EFF (Elec Frontier Fndtn) site...
I don't follow this stuff, so this may all be old news or, for that matter, erroneous in one way or the other...I think I'm still running XPHome, unless I've gotten something else in security updates...
I learned long ago, when I was a tyro bill collector/skip tracer, to think carefully about what was said in front of witnesses or on the phone; now technologys taken quantum leaps beyond tape recorders and such now primitive accessories...
OOPS---my apologies for being more confused than usual---the Eleven Ghastly Things is about NOS; the Windows 10 Critique is in a link at the end...
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The article leaves out a great many details. My wife works at home using her computer (actually one set up specifically for working because of company requirements, she has a second used one for everything else). Most of her co-workers will not have anything to do with 10, and there is a lot more to it than having built-in spyware (that is almost impossible to stop or opt out of) - which cannot be permitted on her business computer. The sad fact is that the first automatic (security) update could also re-activate it all.

I have regularly gone through all of the patches for her system and marked the dangerous/bad/deceptive ones for her. She uses 7 (which will be good for a few more years) and some of them try to force you to go to 10 (and in some cases, breaking your system when Microsoft tricks you into 'upgrading'). We have things set up so she has to approve EVERY update (because of the problems Microsoft has caused).

What they don't tell you is that many features and options are no longer under your control - for instance, some of the games and features that came with 7 and even 8, are only available for a limited time - then you have to subscribe (yearly fee) or buy (this I've read about - I don't use Microsoft except at school). They used to be free, and it's the same stuff - just ported over. Some things just no longer exist in 10.

Another thing that wasn't mentioned (I didn't notice it) is that with 10, a lot of older software is locked out. You either buy the latest and greatest or do without. No using software you purchased with 7 (or XP) and tried to install it on 10 (again, from reports I've read or from talking with IT people I know - the systems we use at school run 7 and we are supposed to have access to the latest and greatest versions).

My biggest gripe with the newer Microsoft operating systems is that they've taken away your ability to really work on your system and do your own maintenance - to make some really deep (and sometimes needed) changes requires a special license FROM Microsoft! Now there are levels above Administrator... and many of the functions that an Admin could utilize now require the higher levels of access (which is only released to the people approved by Microsoft).

10 is worse than the article indicates. It's pushing a lot of people to Linux or Mac.