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Windwheel Engine


Here is a video of my windwheel first startup after sitting idle for 18 years. The rings were stuck and the valves had some light rust. I ran a belt from a Fairbanks FM Z-D to do the cranking after I got it to hit a few times. I couldn’t get it going fast enough with the low compression to run. It started after a few seconds hooked to the FM and the rings freed up and now it runs like a new one.

Tom Geier

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Russell Farmer has a list of serial numbers for whirlwind engines

He said
783 single 4 hp Koehler
516 twin 10 hp Koehler
50 Wisconsin
7 lister diesel
Total 1356 made

I know where one in marietta is Pump oil still


At one time I had 6 on pumping wells. I did most of the maintence in the field. Usually little stuff like points. But I have done valve jobs out in the field too. I have an old phone laying around somewhere with a video of a windwheel running on one of my wells.


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a friend of mine purchased a single cylinder whirlwind from russ a little while back.

he is in need of the lp gas regulator that bolts on the little bracket on the engine does anyone have one laying around? if so call me 937-564-3396