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Winter Projects


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We were looking at a couple implements we might want to bring into the shop to work on during the long cold winter nights.

A - Maybe we are going to go through an Oliver steel-wheeled plow we have; not so much because it is really special for what it is - just that we have never done ANY restoration as a team and we thought this one might be a good starting place. It's complete, as near as I can see.
We could use some advice on colors, and help to identify the year and model etc.

B - We have an old Keystone Corn planter that looks like it was nicely restored for display a long time ago, but in our possession it has been in a lean to for an unknown period and may have suffered a little; nothing dramatic; the colors just aren't quite as bright as they once were

One all steel; the other with a lot of wood parts.

the first two pix are of the Oliver plow; then there is some other eye-candy I just snapped pix of today - a couple Fordsons and a hay loader of unknown lineage.