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Wisconsin AEN Timing Issue


Hello all, well I have ordered a bunch of new parts and they came in so I started to put the engine back together. Now I can clearly see the timing marks for the crank and cam, and there is a line on the cam for the magneto but where is the marking on the magneto?? I don't see any markings on the magneto at all so that i can line it up. I also don't have the ability to remove that stubborn plug out of the side as it is in there so strong I broke a screw driver trying to remove it.

Thanks, and God bless

Angus II

There should be a punch mark at the base of a tooth on the magnito gear(on the back side), you can see it though the inspection hole as seen in this picture. Output side of the case...
I hope that's not the plug you are talking about... Use a lot of heat if so. Screwdriver???? all my plugs use an open end wrench to take out, like the oil drain and fill plugs.



There are two methods of adjusting timing shown in the manual kindly linked to by gdstew. Go to page 11 - 12 in that book. If you can't get the plug out of the peep hole to set the timing by marks on the gears (by far the preferred way) there are marks on the blower shroud and on the flywheel that let you set the timing with the plug in place.


Hmmmm I don't have that small plug just the big one on the bulge where the mag goes into. And the plug has a slot in it for a screw driver. I did try heating it with a torch to get it out but no joy.
I don't see an X but there are two small marks like a scratch that the single line on the ca could go between. I have seen the marks on the PDF book, and maybe my engine is older or I don't know, as I have the strait AEN 1955 rather than the AENL So...I did not find an X or a dot. Bummer.....


One of the handiest tools I have is a hand held impact tool. You hit it with a hammer and it will usually break free the most stubborn bolt or nut. I have several air, electric, and battery impacts, but this thing sure does work.


Go on ebay and buy a used Snap On PIT-120 impact driver with some flat head drivers. You will never have trouble removing stubborn screws again. Make sure to use a brass lump hammer with it.