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Wisconsin AENLD engine on HALE pump

Mark S in PA

I have this AENLD engine on a HALE pump. The pump manual has a date of 1965 and the engine serial number shows Jan 1967. This seems to be about the correct dates. Was used at the farm for irrigation from the farm pond. Has not been used to pump water for about 35 years. Will try to attach some pictures. Is this a collectable engine? Thanks in advance for any help.



hey man its a old Wisconsin,likes in nice shape i'd get it runnin...very cool. don't forget to prim the pump :D


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It is a common engine and a good engine but you may find the crankshaft is also the pump shaft, making it less easy to use the engine for other things.

This is the scenario on a "Marlow" centrifugal pump I have that uses the same engine.

Hale made some pretty darn good fire pumps and they can still work great and can be some fun to blast water around.

And put out a fire if you find hoses and a water supply.

I learned on this site to make sure the engine's oil pump check balls are not stuck, preventing the oil pump from working. They were stuck on my oil pump despite having "rinsed" and agitated the crankcase with a load paint thinner. I had removed the base and cleaned everything spotless but didn't test the pump.

It was simple to remove the base a second time, clean and charge the pump, reassemble, and fill the sump with lube oil.

Then I had some fun pumping lots of water around but I can be easily amused with machinery.

I bought a standard crankshaft on eBay for a small amount, just in case I wanted to convert over from a pump.