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Wisconsin AK exhaust valve


Recently picked up a Wisconsin AK at an auction. Won the bid at 5 dollars understanding that it probably had a few issues. No spark was cured with a condenser and new spark plug wire. Found exhaust valve was stuck and the previous owner tried to remove it with a pair of pliers. Tried saving it but it only contacts the seat on one side. Anybody have an idea where I can locate an exhaust valve on a budget? Would like to use this engine on my air compressor but if I have to scrap that idea I will part it out



The exhaust valve you need is a Wisconsin AE-74-C, although a stellite AE-74-D will also suffice


You can try contacting Tim Stine of Rock Creek Consulting, 1-814-766-3675 He might have a better price on a new exhaust valve,

I would definitely consider giving your valves a good lapping with some permatex valve grinding compound or the like. I have seen many Wisconsin engines run with chipped valves/seats, and wildly out of range clearances. When properly set and tuned, your engine will start on the first or second crank everytime! If it does not, it needs some more attention. They are great engines, and will serve you well.