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Wisconsin Engine AH

Jim Gorter

After doing some grease and dirt removal I found a serial number stamped in the block just below the air vane cage. It shows AH43301. Looked up on the Wisconsin site and shows it as made in January 1938, so this engine turned 80 this year. It is in great shape for its age. Jim. :)

Jim Gorter

Removed carb and disassembled. After a good soak in carb cleaner, found tag with Stromberg L45A2 and inside that425041. Looking for a rebuild kit with needle valve and gaskets. Who carries the rebuild kits :shrug:
Thanks, Jim.


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Check with MacDonald Carb (one of our sponsors). I got gaskets for my Stromberg carbs from them. They may not have everything listed on their website, so contact them if you don't see what you need.


Jim Gorter

Update, Not much progress on the AH other than cleanup of some parts. Have carb kit and gasket set coming.
My next search is for a throttle spring. I have checked the local hardware stores in their spring selections, but cannot find any that have a light enough action that the air vane can compensate. I think the length can be quite variable as I will fit the throttle control to match the spring. Some suggestions on alternate spring sources is appreciated. Jim.