Wisconsin Engine Identification


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I picked up this old Little Red Devil Lighting Plant about a month ago but the engine ID tags are missing(Probably because someone repainted this thing at some point)
I got it running great and even put a circuit breaker and quad outlet box on the side but I am just curious of what model the engine is.
If any one has any idea what the model of this Wisconsin engine is or has any info on Little Red Devil Lighting Plants in general please let me know!



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Colin, that is a nice find. Your engine is a Wisconsin AENL rated 5.4hp @ 1800rpm. You should really unbolt the engine and generator from the skid so that you can pull the oil pan off of the engine. These engines have a piston type oil pump which uses a plunger spring and ball bearing as a check valve. When the oil gets thick, sticky or sludgy the ball bearing can stick and the oil pump will not pump oil. Running an engine under these circumstances will drastically cut engine service life. If you have any questions, I am only a few miles from you.



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Thanks for the info! I wasn't aware of the oil pump system. I did change the oil and I don't remember it being very sludgy, just black. You're right, I should drop the oil pan on it one day, I just haven't had much time recently.

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That's a totally cool 1800 rpm unit. Definitely pull the pan and clean out the pump. There is a ball bearing used as a check valve in some of them. These can rust and not seal well therefore not pump. Would be a shame to trash the engine.