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Wisconsin Engine


Worth anything?
Depends on your point of view. The old Wisconsin is heavy, bulky, noisy, gas hungry, and sometimes cantankerous, but it will still be working hard long after several Asian engines are on the scrap pile. They are from an era when the value of an item was measured by its longevity, not its low price.


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I was going to say $20 - $75, depending on condition. Mostly toward the lower end. But, they are fun to play with. I only have about 30 of them:D.


thanks for all the advise on getting this old engine back in running condition. I can get it running but still have low compression. ? is is thier anywhere I can get set of new rings from ?


now that I got this old Girl up and running now I have to believe a old Brigs& Straton
only thing i can find is the serial # C 335831 . can anyone tell me what HP this is and what year this possibly is ?


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Picture? Did we ever see a picture of this engine? A picture would be nice or maybe a short video of it running.