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Wisconsin generator — Help me identify it.


Hello there. First post on smok.

TL;DR: my neighbor pulled an old generator out of the barn and he's going to use it on a daily basis.

Can't date the thing, but should be from around the 60's. It's missing all the Identification plates. And the engine front cover.

I identified the engine as a Wisconsin BKN, based on the piston part number. But I have no idea of what the generator's brand/model is.

Does anyone know what this is?
Also: never seen a generator with a 'regulator rheostat'. What's it for?

A few more pics



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Welcome to the Stak! :wave:

The Regohm is a neat old type of automatic voltage regulator. Never seen one on a small generator. The rheostat knob would allow for some degree of voltage adjustment.

Others can help you with the Wisconsin, but the set looks military to me. :shrug:



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Catlish, Welcome ! Like Vanman said , I think it is Military also ,
Check the web sight Steelsoldiers form , there's a whole list of Military Stuff including generators
Someone will be along to help , Good Luck


Well. I've sandblasted the thing and both the engine and the piping of the chasis were painted in a military green.

However, I don't remember the US military even setting a foot on this country.

However, in the 60's we had a huge oil boom. And a lot of American companies stablished here.

Maybe it used to belong to one of them.

BTW, thanks for editing all the pictures in the first post.

Billy J Shafer

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That is a military unit. After the military was through using them. They went on the open market by the thousands. Many people bought them. I have some military manuals. I will see what I have.


If you identified the piston as a DB-186-A and your engine has a 2-7/8" bore, your engine is either an AKN or a BKN. They are very similar engines. I am familiar with the DC version of that generator and know that the engine is an MBKND. While you are busy dismantling and working on your generator, make sure to pull the oil pan and clean out 60+ years of sludge from the crankcase. Now is a good time to pull the oil pump and test it on the bench before running the engine.



... I will see what I have.
Much appreciated, Billy.

I am familiar with the DC version of that generator and know that the engine is an MBKND.
Well. Yes. That's the exact part number of the piston. I don't really know much about Wisconsin's. I just know them because I own a THD. Pretty darn good engine :shrug:

The oil pan was clean. Actually, the engine had no oil, and just a little amount of sludge. My neighbor's brother tried to start the thing around 20 years ago. But he couldn't. The carburetor was a mess. (he switched the main jet needle and the bowl plug :bonk: ) was Maybe that's where the fan shroud went missing with the oil and a few screws. Oh, and the pump works fine.
The piston itself is extremely worn out. It 'dances' on the cylinder. The connecting rod, however, has no play whatsoever.

About the generator. Can you please give me more information? Brand/model. And some pictures if possible. (even of the DC version) This one is missing a few pieces that I will have to make out of nothing but my imagination and some scrap metal :p