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Wisconsin Parts Never Been Used for Sale


Re: Wisconsin parts never been used for sale

Hi ! I am a new guy so bear with me, I have a Wisconsin vh4d and it needs rebuilding or replacement, as well as a shroud and air cleaner bottom. Ay help you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks,
Joe S.


Re: Wisconsin parts never been used for sale

have lots of agnd parts thanks dan!~

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i have lots of agnd parts thanks dan !~


Wisconsin VH4D rebuild

Is this thread still active? I have a VH4D that is giving me fits to get running right. It just blew a head gasket and cracked a cylinder block. I don't want to go thru the expense of boring and bigger pistons but if I could find new cylinder blocks for cheap that would be great.


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Re: Wisconsin VH4D rebuild

I will check in the morning to see if I have a good one.


My father owns a small engine repair shop that was originally started by my great-grandfather. They were once a Wisconsin/Wisconsin-robin dealer and over the years stocked many of parts which are still on the shelf. I have consolidated many of the parts and have no use for them and was wondering if their is anyone still interested in rebuilding the old Wisconsin motors. The parts consist of a range of pistons, rings, connecting rods, cylinder heads, head gaskets and gasket sets, carb repair kits, carb air horns fuel tank brackets, engine shrouds, fuel pumps, valves, valve springs, valve spring retainers, shell bearings, a few ignition components, engine instruction manuals, and miscellaneous parts and more. Most of the parts fit models AGN, AENL, AEND, VG4D, VH4D, TJD, THD to the best of my knowledge. If anyone is interested i can send a file with part numbers and descriptions and can also take pictures if needed. We also have a collection of Wisconsin-Robin parts I have not sorted yet if anyone is interested, thanks for looking.
Jersey Motors looking for a piston rings for AGND wisconsin motor 3.5x4please email airboat20022002@yahoo.com with price an shipping thank you Ron