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Wisconsin Pistons


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I have recently purchased a case of pistons at the portland indiana tractor show. Im having a hard time finding what they fit. The box still has the tag on it and it says Allied Wisconsin Allied Motor Parts Company then below that it says Stock #662P And at the bottom of the label it says Wisconsin Machinery & Mfg. CO.. These pistons measure 3-3/8" across the top and 3-7/8" Tall with 4 grooves for rings. What is weird though is there is a cut in the piston that goes from one side of the piston up to the bottom ring groove and across the bottom ring groove approx 2-1/2" and then back down."Mabey a split-skirt"?. This piston is also marked .040 so its a 40 over piston. I just dont know what it fits.

Here is a link to pictures of this piston.
http://s101.photobucket.com/albums/m78/jkwidener/Wisconsin Piston/