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Wisconsin Vf4d oil filter


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Re: Vf4d oil filter

The VG4D in my JD skid loader takes a NAPA 1106. But different sub-variants of these engines may take different filters.

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Re: Vf4d oil filter

You can still get OEM ones from wisconsin

Whats the serial number on this do you have the old obsolete filter or the new style filter and base on the engine, part number should be on your filter


Re: Vf4d oil filter

older wisconsin had a different base thread than newer vh4d. Napa should see that in their catalog.

I like oldstuff

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Re: Vf4d oil filter

Google wix 51106

NAPA will gouge your eyes out on pricing. The wix can be had from many online suppliers for under $10. Buy a couple spares to save on freight.

Carl Hangey

The NAPA oil filter number is 1010, I just pick one up at NAPA just the other day.

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I forgot to mention the 1010 oil i got from NAPA is for a VF4D Wisconsin Engine.


If the oil filter on your VF4D is original, it will have a Mason jar style top on it. Wix 51106 is what I use on my early V4's