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Wisconsin VG4D Engine/Generator Value?


Hi all! This is my first post here. I recently bought a Wisconsin VG4D engine mated to a Winpower 15KW generator. The engine runs great with only 580 hours on it. I don't know if the generator works or not as I don't know enough about electricity to mess with it, don't want to get electricuted.

I would like to sell it as I don't have a need for it. But I have no clue what I should ask for a price? A little about it...

Serial number indicates it is a 1974. It was used as a back-up generator for a fire department. Has 578 hours run time. Runs great! Set up for dual fuel. Propane or gasoline.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

John Newman Jr.

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Re: Wisconsin VG4D engine/generator value?

Hello Scotty.
Welcome to the 'Stak :wave:

Glad you found the Wisconsin Engine forum. Good place to start, but you might also post this on the Antique Generator board.
There are very knowledgeable folks there that will be able to give you much information about your set.
They will want to know all the numbers on all the ID tags you can find. Take pictures. Get dirty and Have fun.


So I posted in the electric forum and they make it sound like the engine is worth more than the whole set up...as the wiring in the generator is old and probably deteriorated.

So, if I separate the two, what is a good running VG4D worth?


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Personally, I would not separate the engine and generator. You could offer to do that in ad, I suppose.

In my opinion, just because your generator is old, does not by any means mean it is "about to fail".

I have dozens of motors and generators from the turn of the century to the 50's and even 60's, and I have yet to find a single one with failed windings. Every one I have tested just works.

Larry In WNY

Plug a light or something into it to see if it's making power. It probably works fine and made better than most you can buy today. I would guess the value is $1000-$2000. I picked up a 5kW THD generator for $500 and yours is 3x the power. The only drawback is modern TVs, computers and other sensitive electronics could be damaged by older generators. Mainly from a surge or low voltage when they shut down.


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I forgot to mention I have a 25kW Winpower PTO driven generator. It's 40 years old and still working fine. It ran continuous for 13 days during the 1991 ice storm hitting the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York. They make good generators.