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Wisconsin VH4D


Hi all,
Not sure where the best place is to put this.
I happened on a ditch witch with a Wisconsin VH4D 4 Cyl air cooled engine.
The wiring needs hooked up. I'll try to describe what I am trying to hook up.

Here is my list:
Starter solenoid(2 large and one small connection points)
Starter(1 wire connection point)
Push button switch to start the engine(2 wires)
Volts gauge (2 connection points)
Neutral safety switch(2 wires)
Run switch(2 connection points)
Alternator(1 large wire and a smaller wire coming from regulator)
Coil(1 wire coming off coil)

The starter solenoid has 2 large lugs and one small lug. I assume that one large lug goes to the battery and the other goes to the starter. There are no markings so is it reversable? Doesn't matter? I'm not sure what wire goes to the small lug.

If anyone can point me in the right direction to get this thing hooked up properly I would really appreciate it.

K D Redd

In Memory Of
The most starter soleniod do not care which way the battery is connected but there are some who have a terminal marked battery. This type is where you ground the small terminal to energize.
To yours, the wire from the small terminal on the soleniod should go to one of the two terminals on the neutral safety switch. Then a wire from the other terminal of the safety switch to one terminal on the push to start switch. The other terminal of the push to start sw. should go to plus 12 volts. I like to use the switch side of the run switch. This way the engine will not crank unless the ignition is on. Ther other terminal of the run sw. should go to the plus side of the battery. The switch side of the run sw. should go to the plus side of the coil with the minus side of the coil going to the points in the distributor. All of the assumes you have the negative side of the battery connected to the frame, ground of your Ditch Witch and the positive side of the battery to one side of the starter solenoid.
Are you sure you have a volt gauge or an amp gauge? Which you have depends on how you do the wiring.
I am not that familiar with Wisconsin alternators so I can not help you there. I have a book that may cover the alternator but what I do know is that Wisconsin alternators are a little weird and the parts are pricey.


K D Redd

In Memory Of
I have my book that shows that shows the wiring for a Wisconsin alternator. There are two module shown. One is the rectifier, one is the regulator. The book shows one wire going to the ampmeter or plus side of the battery if no ampmeter is used, I would assume this to be the heavy wire ( it may be red), and another wire going back to the stator which is under the flywheel. The book show three wires from the stator. Two go to the rectifier module and one goes to the regulator. If I could measure the stator I would almost bet that both of the Wisconsin modules could be replaced with a Kohler three terminal rectifier/regulator module which would make the wire somewhat simpler.