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Wisconsin VR4D 1959

Colin O

I picked this up on Monday. It was the first one I have ever seen. To say that I was surprised at the sheer size of this thing is an understatement. It is huge! The displacement is 255 cubic inches. It puts out 56.5 hp at 2200 rpms and has a 2" diameter crank shaft. If there is anyone else out there who has one of these please post a reply with pictures.

Colin O



The VR4 scarfs down 6.01 gallons of fuel per hour at full load at 2200rpm. Idling away at 50% load burns 3.47 gallons of fuel per hour. If this was a generator engine it would drink 5.31 gallons of fuel per hour at 1800rpm under full load. They are as thirsty as it comes as far as air cooled gasoline engines go. I am really glad that Colin was able to pick up this VR4. I think I convinced him to pull the trigger on it. Peak torque is 162lb/ft at 1250 rpm. What a beast! I wish I had a VR4 in my collection. They are few and very far between. Every summer I drive by the local golf course after a big rain storm, they have a VR4 on a 6" dewatering pump, and boy does it sound nice even at 150ft away.



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Whoa. Seeing one in that video next to a “normal” sized one. That thing is BIG! Drinks a lot of fuel, but cranking out more than 50 hp. That’s not just a little Briggs and Stratton!