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Wisconsin WD series air cooled diesel engines (aka: Ducati IS series engines)


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I have been searching around the web for information on the Wisconsin WD1-430 that came with our little Agricat... after a lot of google searches, looking through images, forums, etc...

I found that they were built by Ducati of Italy and that they were known as the Ducati IS series engines. From there, I was able to locate Ducati service manuals for them! I have uploaded them (one for the single cylinder engines and another for the twin cylinder engines). The Wisconsin WD1-430 is the Ducati IS11, however the whole series are virtually identical.

Ducati Singles:

Ducati Twins:

Wisconsin WD1-430/Ducati TS11


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Being a Ducati bike lunatic I have to say zero parts availability. Take care of what you have there and if it goes bang you're SOL unless you search Euro ebay etc..

These were developed and sold when Ducati was struggling to stay afloat. They had mediocre success at the time and when their bikes were up designed and stared to sell better, the small engines were dropped like a rock. I'm sure Wisconsin will tell you huh? What?


I have all the information available for the 2 cyl. 860 pistons rings, specs etc should be the same but parts are very hard to come by. I have 2 860s and they both came from the Amish