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Wisconsin Wico Magneto XH-1343 Y-54

Colin O

I replaced the condenser and points on this unit and got it to spark. The issue is that it fires on cylinders 4 and 2 only. It fires on these 2 alternately, twice each in 4 rotations.
It doesn't fire on 3 or 1. The firing order seems to be 4,2,4,2. #4 is the pole at 10 o'clock and # 2 is diagonally down at about 4 o'clock, with the wire attached. It came with the cap in the pictures and based on the tag it should be for a 4 cylinder. Seems to fire like one for a Wisconsin TJD. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Colin O



Ok, so do the points open on each lobe? If so then it is out with the multimeter and start looking for a short somewhere.


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Without knowing much history(as in was it working correctly last week or ? ), it's hard to say. Depending on what speed you're checking it may vary the problem. At running speed my instinct would tell me there's a problem with the magnet rotor. Could be dragging or magnetized incorrectly. If you're rotating it by hand slowly(which is what I would infer) I would think there was a problem with the impulse. I don't have that mag in front of me but with a cap like that the magnet rotor should be 4 pole and the stop plate on the back should have two stops instead of the typical one. So if you're checking at hand speed, it's very possible the trip arm is not latching on the stop plate for the cap terminals that are not firing. Again many variables and shooting from the hip with little info. Basically the rotation should stop every 90 degrees and trip. If its not then check for the trip arms contacting the stops on the plate.