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witte CD 12 hp project


hi everyone it has been a long time since my first post about my witte stuff so I think now is time for it , the past 2 years I was busy with Somme stuff and also because I’m not ready enough I haven't read anything about witte no information no knowledge no experience but now I think I can do it of course with you guys help and guidance :) , it’s funny that someone in my age with this obsession with engines and staff would save this engine and back it up to life again :brows: , so as I've told that the engine was coming from us to Morocco in the 50s and used as mill engine till 1997 were he stopped working due to piston failure and other problems that I have discovered during the tear down process.

when I first looked into it and its condition, I wasn't t sure if I'm really gonna start working on it one day.

it was in he's worst conditions full of rust and dirty so I started the cleaning process and finally turned out as an engine 😂 , still has the original old paint.

here's a short video of its condition before the project :

and here's another one after :

so after the cleaning process I started removing parts: AC lift pump , fuel pump , fuel lines , oil filter , injection nozzle , injection holder , head , piston ,connecting rod .

one’s everything has removed is time to dig a little bit about its origins , made date , manuals , information's , part numbers , I still remember my first post asking for info and parts and someone told me to read first and search then I'll know what I'm looking for, so that's what I exactly have done.

So now this current situation with corona virus gives me the opportunity to resume what I have already started. I have removed both fuel pump shaft and oil pump i also cleaned everything and I find out that the oil pump line is pinched and blocked so I have to change it, you can see its condition over here : over this link


My plans are to remove everything as flywheels crankshaft bearings and cylinder bore so that I can take the crankshaft to make bearings for it and to give the engine a fresh paint , then I can throw everything together nice and perfect but nothing , I started removing the flywheels bolts then I used 2 gas torch heaters the first one is directed to the crankshaft bold and the second one is directed to the flywheel center for 35 min and I used a hydraulic jack to remove the flywheel, unfortunately I couldn't succeed. over here

This change of plans leads me to get back to continue restoring my old parts and I started working on my head I have removed its springs and valves and threaded its screw holes that have been damaged because of water that circulates inside. I also found a used set of springs so I replaced them and I cleaned everything so now we're good with head but for gasket I'm not sure if the old one will be usable or not :rolleyes:🤔 .
here's head pictures before the project: here
And here's after everything is done: here

The same thing for the valve level case I threaded up and changed all the bolts and made a gasket for it and I also cleaned it and put everything on its place so now were done with front area. Here’s pictures of it : here

Moving on to the water pan I have removed the remaining built-ups from water and sealed it and here are pictures of what it looks like inside : here

now it's time for listing parts and findings:

for injection nozzle I was lucky to find a new one on eBay originally for witte Bosch AND 4S 3 and sooner will come in mail :brows:
here's the nozzle I've ordered:

Here's my witte nozzle holder hf2-55-373 : here

for fuel pump it's an American Bosch APF1A 80N 2450A 714972 (timed for port closing)
I have made a mistake wail taking it apart I have damaged the plunger and the spring :oops: and what makes things worse I left the pump component exposed so there now rusty and here's the pictures of it apart before and after : here

Moving to the AC lift pump : AC 1523089
It turns out working fine an I have test it serval Times so we're good there .
And here's pictures of what it looks like : here

for connecting rod ( MD - 11) i have removed the bearing and they look in bad shape and also crankshaft rod journal scratched and need polishing and here's the connecting rod shape : here
and bearing shape : here

Moving to the last part and hard one to find on this project which is piston I have taken Measurements and I have searched many times but I haven't found any 😑😑
And here's pictures of it : here

Moving to discovery, yesterday wail I’m cleaning inside the engine I’ve noticed missing engine bolt inside the oil pan filled with some Kind of appoxy or filler so I decided to take it apart and see what’s wrong, I called a few friends to help me lift the engine and guess what !! we've found inside fuel pan a lot of oil which explains why they don’t use this tank and they replaced it with an external one but when I asked my father he told me that one day they’re trying to replace the tank gasket and they forget about the two bolts inside and they used force to split the engine with the tank and they ended up stripped bolt hole causing a mixer of diesel and oil inside the tank and that bolt stopped the engine causing fuel pump gear damage.

You can find pictures : here

So, I think that's all what I have done so far, I also cleaned the tank and remove all the remaining stuff but I still can’t figure out how I can thread that bolt I might use a welder 🤔🤔 , so I finally made every single gasket manually.
And here’s pictures of them : over here

Looking for your opinions and discussions, and special thanks to David Johnson for supplying me with part numbers and manuals and to Mr. harry for his advice and notice.

Regrades, smokewitte
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Thank you for sharing your adventures, Great work so far , and that is an eary one for sure ,you will like that engine when it runs as it just sipps a little diesel to keep going.