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Witte won't run


New member
I have a 2 hp Witte that will run for about a minute then die. If I let it set for a while it will run again for a minute. I put a timing light on the plug wire to see if it was losing spark and it was. I changed out the EK mag with a spare and the spare does the same thing. My guess is condenser, but I wanted to hear from the Wico experts before I go and start buying parts. It doesn't matter if I'm running off the tank or carb resivior. This engine ran good a couple of years ago.


If it acts the same with each mag, I'd suggest the problem is with the plug or perhaps with the mag trip device. When the armature is pulled away from the mag, it must pull evenly, both sides must break at the same time.

Check it out!

Bill Miller

Tim Claremont

New member
I also tend to think it is the mag trip mechanism on the engine. The fact that both mags behave the same way supports this. The fact that it will run for a short bit sounds like it keeps loading up on fuel and the spark is not working well enough to ignite. This results in flooding. Go back to it a while later and it will likely start, but soon flood.