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Canceled WMSTR

Weren't they gonna decide sometime in June?
I believe the June 19 date was picked as the 'latest date we can make a decision".

I was at the meeting, it was not an easy decision. No one could come up with any reasons to believe the situation would change enough by June 19 so that we could decide to put on the show. We still have a lot of regular maintenance to do. The grass, weeds and crops still need to be taken care of. We have essential projects on the grounds that will be done. We have some low budget projects that will be done.

Hope to see everyone in 2021 for a great Rollag show and a lot of other great shows that are not happening this year.

Remember to check with your local show and see what you can do this summer to help with building and grounds maintenance so that your show is ready to go next year.

Jerry Christiansen

Pete Deets

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Thanks Jerry,
A hard pill to swallow indeed. A very good thought, though, to pitch in where possible & where allowed on the necessary maintenance whether there is a show or not..........................PD