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WW2 Beach Master Alternator Carb


Hello. I have recently come across an old homelite generator made for a P.A. system or beach landings.

It is a small 1500 watt 120 volt generator. I am looking for a carburetor for it. The banjo type fuel fitting and the bolt that holds it on are broken. I'm pretty sure these have the same engines as the DC generators that were used to provide ground power to B17 and B24 airplanes.

Thanks in advance for any info.


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Re: WW2 Beach Master alternator carb

Depends on your goal... Do you want to just get it going or to bring it back to factory original? To just get it going just adapt a cheap chonda clone carb to the engine. Which carb to use would depend upon mount, venturi size and govenor linkage needs.


Re: WW2 Beach Master alternator carb

I'd like to bring it back to original. It has a cool setup that uses the crankcase pressure to pressurize the fuel tank.