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The menu in blue across the top of any page has arrows pointing down at the right of each label, Home, Forums, Calendar, What's New, Media, Resources, and Members. The Cell Phone menu is Three Horizontal Bars, that when touched opens up these same items.

The "forums" dropdown menu is shown on the screen shot below. If any particular menu item has already been clicked, it will obscure its dropdown arrow. I don't like that, but that's the way it is. If you scroll the page down, that menu line will stick at the top of the page and the dropdown arrows show again.

Forums dropdown choices: New Posts, Find Threads, Your Threads, Threads with Your Posts, Unanswered Threads, Watched Threads, Watched Forums, Search Forums and Mark Forums Read.

What's New Choices: New Posts, New Media (Photos), New Media Comments, New Resources, New Profile Posts, Your News Feed, and Latest Activity.

Members Choices: Current Visitors, New Profile Posts, Search Profile Posts.

Your PROFILE is available by clicking or double-clicking your name. See second Screen shot.

Overall Search is on the right. There is a click box in the search drop down screen that allows you to search for your key words in titles only,

The "Envelope" is for Chat Messages and the "Bell" lists the posts that you are in. Chat messages can be with more than two people if you invite others.