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Yardman Motorette body mounting??


I'm getting started on restoring a 1960 Sears Allstate 3 hp. scooter that's essentially a rebadged Yardman Motorette. It appears to be complete (more on that in a few sentences)...I purchased the body piece separate from the rest of the scooter - which gives rise to my question. Does anyone have knowledge of how the body attaches to the frame? There are only two possible(?) and obvious points that I can detect. There're two 1/4" holes on the lower front portions of the frame flanking the open front of the engine space - and a 1/2" hole through the rearmost lower frame member. The body has three 1/4" holes drilled on what can best be described as the points of a triangle. The body is a good close fit over the frame. As best as I can figure, the body would be held in place by a small bolt through each of the forward frame holes...and would be attached in the rear by some sort of bracket bolted to the body's three triangular-located holes and then bolted to the 1/2" frame hole. I have no such bracket, and can't find any reference to any of this either in the owner's manual I have, or on the internet. I'm trying to get this right. Can anyone help?? Thanks, and I hope this wasn't too confusing.