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York Steam Engine


Jeffrey Smith


My father and I picked up a York horizontal steam engine last night. It is a +/-5” bore and 5” stroke. It has a 24” straight spoke flywheel on one side and the governor belt pulley is on the other. It is a center crank engine, with an unusual multi feed drip lubricator located in the center of the engine. It also has an unusual connecting rod for oil reception. The overall length is 24” wide by 48” long with the engine bed setting at about 14” off of the ground. My questions are as follows:

1) The brass tag says “York Manufacturing Company, York, PA”. Is this the same company that made the gas engines?

2) What is the proper color for this engine?

3) There are 2 boltholes in the rear of the bed at the crank as if it had a splashguard like a gas engine. Does someone have a photo of what actually goes in these bolt holes?

4) Does anyone have another one that would like to email me about his or her engine?

Thank you in advance for reading my post and responding,


Jeff Smith

Stuart, Florida