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YouTube Speed, Your Browser and Your ISP


Staff member
Previously, I never had any problems going FULL SIZE screen on YouTube. Recently Comcast upped my net speed from 10m to 25m and recently on full screen, there is a lot of stop and start in the motion like they were throttling my data stream. Testing with https://speedtest.xfinity.com/ showed that I was getting closer to 30Mbps with a latency of 32ms.

After a long session with foreign technical support and trying this, that and the other thing, I got disgusted with jumping through the loops they kept throwing at me. Resetting the modem, the router, trying other browsers, then she decided that I should upgrade my OLD operating system from windows 7 to Windows 10 and I terminated the call.

Thinking back to the this and that, I had been encouraged to try Google Chrome on YouTube and now I see that it works great on full screen size and high quality video. FireFox must have made a change that consumed too many resources, but I'll still use FireFox for everything else!