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New Book On History Of Mowers


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A good friend Jim Ricci finally published his book on the history of reel type mowers called "Hand, Horse, And Motor." I just received mine a couple days ago, and I can see why it took him so many years to get it done, it`s 241 pages and has history on every company that even thought about producing a mower, going back into the 1800`s, with lots of pictures too. Here`s a link to it if anyone is interested, it`s definitely worth the investment. If this isn`t allowed on the forum, I`ll understand if this disappears.



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Bill I posted a link on my FB page and didnt even think of it here, glad you did. We're very fortunate to have Jim as a close friend, he's a great guy who's very knowledgeable and is always ready to help people and I can say has helped me leaps and bounds over the years. I owe him a lot. Im looking forward to getting my copy also it should be a great read seeing how many years and how much exhaustive detective work he had to do. Its a one of a kind book on this for sure and I hope in time becomes the "Big Red Book" of Wendels to the lawn mower. Im looking forward to seeing you both and our small circle of "mower friends" at the shows this year.


I have enjoyed his website and articles in Lawn and Garden Tractor. I also have a copy on the way.